Modus Group

Project Management & Joinery Installation Specialists

Modus Group has a proven track record of large scale residential fit-out projects across Melbourne.

They have several clients nationwide, covering industries such as residential, hotels, retirement villages and mining.

Modus have an innovative team of construction managers, logistics managers, quality assurance managers, site foreman and trade specialists. 

Their company provides innovative construction services, with a successful history of on-site construction, project solutions, freight logistics management, stakeholder relationships and quality assurance.

Several nationwide clients have experienced project success through the services provided by Modus Group. 

Their strategy focuses on providing an integrated construction management solution, tailor made for the project at hand. This approach to project delivery includes pro-active engagement with the client to define project methodology that meets the needs of the construction project and its specific context.

Modus Group provides a comprehensive project management capability including program, project management, on site-construction, freight solutions and quality control. At Modus Group we take proven project management principles, integrated with systems and tools, to enable consistent standards of practise, which is custom scaled to suit the scope and size of each project. 

Modus Group has a proven track record of providing our clients with confidence, that through robust management strategy we will deliver successful outcomes at all project phases.

Vicky Gardner

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