Victoria, Bayside – Plans & Permits for a Duplex


This property is close to the town centre, hospitals, tertiary education facilities, multiple shopping centres, transport, an abundance of primary schools and more.

There is a current property on this site that is leased out and can bring in an income whilst preparing to start the devleopment. Tenants are aware of this.

Coucil have already issued plans and permits for 2 side by side townhouses, both 4 bed 2 bath.

Depending upon JV partnerships, structure set up, and / or personal circumstances it may be possible to keep one or both units for a passive income.

Purchase Price: $630,000 – $690,000 
Current Rent: $1477 pm (2.57%)

Retail price of townhouses once built: $750,000+ each

Option Rent and Develop later:
Total Funds required to complete deal as as a development: To be determined by developer
Estimated Construction Costs: To be determined by developer
Estimated profit: If you wish for us to do a feaso for you, we are happy to assist for a fee

If you like what you see and are keen to know more, please contact us to receive a non-disclosure form. Once this is returned you will receive a link to full information, along with a unique password to access the webpage that contains all the information you need to make an educated and informed decision.

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