Victoria, Seaside Town on Bass Coast – **OFF-MARKET** 148 Acres of Vacant Land


This area has undergone a major assessment by the local council who have already approved a PSP for the area and determined it is a high growth zone, allowing for several thousand new residential homes and a large parcel has also been allocated for commercial growth. 

Infrustructure improvements include new traffic management, primary school, recreation areas, drainage and wetland areas.

This investment opportunity includes the potential to:

This opportunity offers a 115 acreage block in a seaside town on the Bass Coast, there is also an additional block from the same vendor bringing the total up to approx 148 acres.

Purchase Price: $12,000,000
Deposit: 10% now, 10% in 12 months, and a further 5 % in 24 months
Settlement: In 5 years

If you like what you see and are keen to know more, please contact us to receive a non-disclosure form and our schedule of fees. Once this is returned you will receive a link to full information, along with a unique password to access a Dropbox folder that contains all the information you need to make an educated and informed decision, or as much information as we can obtain.

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